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Remember this? Well it is still on for release on the Xbox360, PlayStation 3, Gamecube, GBA, PSP and DS. There is even a version for the Wii which is like the other versions but with retarded controls so that everyone from the hardcore to the nubians is on a level playing field.
Well we've been playing our cards close to our chest on this one but if you were at E3 you may have seen a trailer of it at the Nintendo stand. Anyway here are a few more details:

As well as the ice, fire, warehouse and sky levels we've been working with the developers on a train level, an Orc level, a space level and a level set in a post apocalyptic warehouse.
One of these levels will be available on release but the others will be released as downlodable content but it'll be worth spending your Wii points and MSpoints because we will bundle the levels with a bunch of other crap you don't want or need!

Players can now dual wield weapons and customise their characters. Three available characters are available: A dwarf, a marine and a WWII medic. Players can choose either red, mauve or hot pink colours to create their own unique avatar!
Features split screen co-op and online multiplayer with jump in and jump out options for those playing on the Xbox360. For the Wii, players can swap their favourite screenshots.

The game will come in two versions: Richie and Cunzy1 1 versions. The Richie version will include two extra cut scenes featuring characters from Bodokai Death Oruenden: No tamao Noteruto and the Cunzy1 1 version includes Jurassic Park for the mega drive as a hidden minigame.

We already have four canon sequels planned: That Guy's a Maniac 2:Revenge, TGAM 3:Nemesis, TGAM Code:Wnak and TGAM4:Noborobouru No Mandororodu.
There are also 14 other versions planned for release on the DS, GBA and Wii but most of them will feature minor characters from the series including: Satyrwyld's Opionatedometer, Dr Wo's Stock Management Game and Miss Bea Havin's Troll S.W.A.T.

Release Date
November 2007. Keep you eyes peeled for the official TGAM:The Game website which will be launching it's countdown after players crack the code to find the countdown countdown website which can only be found after at least one country from Europe has banned the game before release.


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