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Right well,

Only 2 more days till Diamond and Pearl hit the shelves, for the UK.

But since I was an impatient bastard I decided to get the US version, as yet I have found no issues with the US/UK compatibility, wireless works, transferring from my UK Leaf green and Ruby has been fine, the UK version of Ranger even gives the Manaphy egg over no problems. The only thing that can possibly go wrong (and it seems a very small possibility) is that the Wii Battle revolution game may not be compatible.

So since the US release I have clocked up over 150 hours, I took down the elite 4 after about 50 hours as, well I did some mincing about trying to get the right team for the job.

The team I first took the elite 4 down with was:

Steel/Psychic lvl 56, a defence-y pokemon, the first time I actually tried training one of these guys up, he’s really good can take loads of hits and has a bunch of annoying moves like Confuse ray, as well as Extrasensory (a really powerful Psychic attack with loads of PP)

Ghost/Flying lvl 57, I have always been a fan of Flying pokemon, and the crazy combo of ghost and flying made me train this guy up.

Electric lvl 56, Mandatory electric pokemon, and is on a par with Ampharos, and looks cooler than Raichu, learns some powerful attacks.

Normal/Flying lvl 57, another Pidgey rip off, but some wonderful attacks, and also learns a very good fighting move later on. Very powerful.

Water, This guy was the main problem, I needed a water pokemon but the ones to choose from at the start of the game were crap, as such I never really bothered to train one, I trained this guy up easily as most of the enemies in the cave before the elite 4 are rock type and got pounded buy Floatzel.

Fire/fighting lvl 54, Useless, barely used him at all, there are a couple of enemies which can me taken down quickly with fire, but other than that, Useless, I regret this pokemon starter so much.

So, after the elite 4 what have I been doing? Well, I have been spending most of my time at the Pal Park, 12 pokemon every 24 hours (6 from leaf green and 6 from Ruby), send across the most evolved pokemon and breed away. I have also been messing about with the battle park and dabbling in some EV training

I have a perfectly EV trained Magmar (need to trade to evolve him into Magmortar) and Rotom, though it was a bitch getting the natures, I had to breed SO Many Rotoms.:

The EV training in Diamond/Pearl is so much easier there are items you can buy from the Battle tower that increase the EV points you get in a specific stat. if you know the basics you can EV train a pokemon in a couple of hours.

Hints for new players:
I chose Chimchar as my starter pokemon, and regret it immensely, though there are VERY few fire types in Diamond/Pearl I would definitely suggest the Water or Grass starter. Chimchar’s primary stat is speed and his special attack and normal attack are weak, generally a weak pokemon over all. Get a ponyta/rapidash if you really want a fire pokemon at the start of the game.

The game comes out on Friday, run to the Valley windworks as soon as you can straight away, every Friday there is a Drifloon (the prevo of Drifblim Ghost/Flying) a brilliant pokemon that saw me through most of the game.

Don’t bother with Budew, you may think it is an interesting grass pokemon, it is not, it is the prevo of Roselia which you have to evolve during daytime and happiness, which is a pain, you can just catch wild Roselias later in the game, to be honest there are more interesting grass pokemon such as, cherubi, snover and wormadam in the game.


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