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"With the arrival of the new generation comes the departure of the old and thus the circle of life continues.."

So I had last week off and I took the opportunity to catch up with some long overdue gaming. I spent hours on Super Smash Brothers Melee, I now only need three more trophies (Diskun, Sheriff and Mew) and I’m done. I also finally finished campaign mode on Advance Wars.

Seeing as Pokemon Diamond and Pearl are finally out in the UK I also thought I’d whack Pokemon Stadium on and take the opportunity to spend some time with my old friends on Pokemon Yellow and Silver. That’s when I found out. That’s when I discovered something that would sink my heart and almost bring a tear to my eye. I set up the N64 and put Pokemon Stadium 2 on with Silver and Yellow in the Gameboy adapters. Yellow was registered fine but the N64 kept saying that Pokemon Silver ID###### didn’t appear to have any save data. It’s fine I thought I just took the game out, blew in all of the slots and started it up again. The same problem, and a bead of sweat rolled off my brow. I then put Silver into my GBA and at the menu screen there were only two options: New Game and Option. My data had been wiped…….

It then dawned on me that the record of well over 300 hours worth of play had been lost including all of my 2nd generation pokemon as well as most of my 1st generation ones that I had transferred over, including Farley, my level 58 Pikachu and my first ever pokemon.

I’ll never again see his little face, I’ll never hear him say “Pika!” in the grainy low quality gameboy sounds. I’ll never see his light ball again, an item that Richie was in slight envy of back when we were both much younger. To lose a whole two generations of pokemon is nothing short of a tragedy. I imagined that I would show my grandchildren Farley and co. and explain to them that in my day you had to have special cables to transfer data from one game to another. I always imagined that Farley would be there until my dying day, staying the same age and lvl as I grew older and less able and eventually finally being put to pasture as I leave this life.

For those of you who don’t play pokemon imagine that all of your WoW characters were suddenly wiped and there was no evidence in Azeroth that they were ever there or imagine that your XBox 360 achievements were all gone the next time you turned the 360 on. Fortunately Carpetman, my lvl 100 Charizard was on Yellow on levelling up duty. The loss could have been much worse but I’m going to release all of my pokemon on Yellow so that they can roam Kanto free and not be wiped out so cruelly.

There will be a memorial service on the 11th of November. I ask all pokemon trainers, young or old, avid or lapsed to convene at their pokemon centers in Kanto, Johto, Ohrre or Hoenn at 11am and hold a two minutes silence for those pokemon lost to the digital ether. At 2pm there will be a private memorial service in Gaylando my Animal Crossing:Wild World town. There will be flower planting at a grave site and then we will wander down to the beach and send messages of remembrance in bottles off to the wide blue yonder. I would greatly appreciate it if you would join in these proceedings or celebrate the lives of these pokemon in any way you see fit. Visit your favourite place in Azeroth and take a chance to think about what it all means or name your capital city Pikachu in Civilization.

The full list* of pokemon who are lost forever but never forgotten:

Shauuuur- Lvl 57 Venusaur
Squirkle- Lvl 37 Blastoise
RITCHIE- Lvl 24 Butterfree
BIRD(B)- Lvl 44 Pidgeot
RATFACE- Lvl 20 Raticate
Fartwoxy- Lvl 22 Fearow
Cap Ash- Lvl 33 Arbok
Farley- Lvl 58 Pikachu
Sneddy-B- Lvl 23 Sandshrew
Razar- Lvl 57 Sandslash
NIDORINA- Lvl 32 Nidorina
NIDOKING- Lvl 16 Nidoking
CLEFABLE- Lvl 12 Clefable
Lord Atann- Lvl 14 Vulpix
Jiggly- Lvl 16 Wigglytuff
Nubatman- Lvl 44 Golbat
Doomhead- Lvl 31 Vileplume
MOYOUSKA- Lvl 47 Parasect
Mesme- Lvl 31 Venomoth
Digdo- Lvl 26 Dugtrio
Happy- Lvl 28 Meowth
Blinky-B- Lvl 28 Psyduck
Monkey boy- Lvl 30 Primeape
ARCANINE- Lvl 28 Arcanine
Cragwag- Lvl 31 Poliwrath
Openses- Lvl 36 Alakazam
Chipshop- Lvl 30 Machamp
Lipface- Lvl 30 Victreebel
Armsandhed- Lvl 33 Tentacruel
Geoguyver- Lvl 24 Geodude
Oregon- Lvl 37 Ponyta
Fastpunch- Lvl 27 Slowpoke
Magnetface- Lvl 38 Magneton
Nearlost- Lvl 30 Farfetch’d
Birdhead- Lvl 26 Doduo
Waterdog- Lvl 34 Dewgong
Polish- Lvl 5 Shellder
Sharkbayoz- Lvl 35 Haunter
Baldyface- Lvl 25 Gengar
ROCKY- Lvl 21 Onix
Layzee- Lvl 35 Hypno
Bubbleboy- Lvl 10 Krabby
Pokeball- Lvl 40 Electrode
Eggface- Lvl 22 Exeggutor
Frasertwo- Lvl 24 Marowak
Venomoth- Lvl 21 Hitmonlee
Starforhed- Lvl 39 Hitmonchan
Cheesypuff- Lvl 37 Wheezing
Treborman- Lvl 35 Rhyhorn
AsparagusB- Lvl 21 Chansey
Badhairday- Lvl 22 Tangela
Mangastan- Lvl 32 Kangaskhan
Narwall- Lvl 20 Goldeen
Starken- Lvl 18 Starmie
Miles- Lvl 10 Mr Mime
Babe- Lvl 22 Jynx
Inoceramus- Lvl 20 Magmar
Emplydox- Lvl 21 Tauros
Redados- Lvl 30 Gyarados
Waterface- Lvl 58 Lapras
V V V V V- Lvl 100 Ditto
Teepee- Lvl 31 Vaporeon
Mickney- Lvl 44 Jolteon
Shoes- Lvl 33 Kabuto
Hairyback- Lvl 30 Aerodactyl
_p M- Lvl 100 Snorlax
Icybird- Lvl 50 Articuno
Lekkybird- Lvl 68 Zapdos
Flamebird- Lvl 50 Moltres
Featherman- Lvl 41 Dragonair
Stubbitow- Lvl 44 Meganium
Marmosa- Lvl 3 Sentret
Porolithon- Lvl 36 Noctowl
Currysawz- Lvl 36 Ledian
Spiderboy- Lvl 15 Spinarak
Nagler- Lvl 36 Chinchou
Cock- Lvl 14 Togepi
Kurtis- Lvl 15 Mareep
Shaffet- Lvl 17 Flaaffy
Akorn- Lvl 11 Sunkern
Sedimentei- Lvl 48 Quagsire
Bashknee- Lvl 45 Misdreavus
Unown- Lvl 5 Unown
Mamench- Lvl 15 Girafarig
Slashing-B- Lvl 50 Scizor
Riptor- Lvl 40 Sneasel
Pillow- Lvl 21 Piloswine
Hardass- Lvl 22 Delibird
Lastminit- Lvl 20 Larvitar
Psybirdon- Lvl 40 Lugia
Gaybird- Lvl 70 Ho-oh

Omastar would like to say a few words too:

*This list is compiled from various spreadsheets some of which were out of date so not everyone is here. For those whose names I have missed forgive me. And yes you needed spreadsheets because the box system was so godawful back in the day.


  1. Was there not a Cloyster, I beleive its name was vagina related?


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