Kotaku Update!

1. Kotaku did some posts on some video games related news.

2. In other news Kotaku has possibly posted the most wondrous and amazing photograph EVER, I was scanning though some post on the perils of conventions, the photo didn’t immediately grab my attention as on first glance it seemed to a be a usual collection Cos-players:

But look closer to the middle one…

That’s right! It’s Claire from Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil Code Veronica. (Though I believe the outfit depicted is Claire’s Code Veronica outfit) As such I wanna make a call out to this woman, or indeed any like-minded women out there:

Wanted for Casual encounters:
1x Woman

1x Claire Redfield outfit

Contact: richie@thatguys.co.uk


Claire Redfield = Wnak factor 13

Signing out



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