Buzzword(s): Micro-transaction

Micro-Transaction: (adj)
1. A small payment taken from a holding sum.
2. a very small transaction.
3. Anal Rapage.

Right for those of you who dont know Micro Transactions are getting more and more widespread throughout the gaming community. X-Box live is already a user of this system, the user buys some Points using real world cash, the points are then redeemed for virtual "prizes"from in game content to Dashboard skins. But where does it all end? Lately i heard some rather sick news, the Gran Turismo that will be coming out for the PS3 will be reliant on these Micro-Transactions. The game will come with a poultry amout of cars and tracks, the user then purchases cars and tracks based on the progress he/she has made. Anyways GT team are saying that there will be literally 100's of extra content to download. I did some calculations based on the prices they gave and it totalled just under $1000 for all tracks and cars...

$1000 to get a 100% complete rating

Fuck that.


  1. Anonymous13:19

    Yeah, but what you're not taking into account is...

    No, no, you're right, micro-transactions can suck my balls, I never managed to get my PS2 online anyway, and I barely managed it with my PC so am I gonna be stuck with half finished games for this generation? Probably, unless they start releasing patch discs and stuff, argh you know that OPSM3 are gonna start selling data discs too so you'll keep having to buy that shocking waste of a tree FOREVER!!!



  2. Anonymous22:16

    well, i'm easy, so long as the vaseline's free


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