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WHoa! So it's been a bit Hellbound Angels round here with all the updates. However, today's update has some serious gravity. Bully the New Rockstar Game has been targeted by Jack Thompson and no doubt the International American Unsatisifed Angry Housewives and Mothers For Justice (IAUAHaMFJ). The Beeb has the scoop.

"I'm pretty sure that the game is harmful to minors," Mr Thompson told the Washington Post newspaper.

Seriously who gives a shit about minors anymore? Minors smoke, drink, get pregnant, get fat, get kidnapped by paedos, beaten by American Mothers, beaten by their fathers, fiddled with by Uncle Amber, bullied at school, get mumps, chicken pox, peform inordinate amounts of fellatio in the back of cars, take lots of drugs beat up the ederly, don't have to work, they still fall in love and they don't have bills to pay.

SOUNDS LIKE THE LIFE WE ALL WISH WE COULD HAVE!!. I reckon if Jack Thompson and the concerned mothers of America had a week of living like a minor (see above) they realise that the last thing they need proteting from is some video game that depicts that which you can see in the street, read about in the paper or watch in the news.

Jack Thompson should be protecting me because I've reached that time of life where dissolution has set in. I'm also really impressionable too so I'm pretty convinced that after I play Canis Canem Edit I'm going to go down to my local hardware store, buy myself a semi and then start capping kids left right and centre. Then when I'm arrested I'm going to say "Where were you Jack Thompson. Always protecting the kids. What is your obsession with harming children anyway? But where were you Jack to protect me? Adults are people too."


  1. Anonymous22:32

    Has Jack Thompson seen Timeshift, I think he would really enjoy it, like REALLY like it. Personally I can,t wait to chuck a grenade at a random guy who I really don't care about watch him explode into small bits of ichor and gloop, then freeze time, go over to his exploding corpse and do a small jig in the midst of what remains of his body, unfreeze time and watch him splatter everywhere.


    And shoot a guy backwards, slow time down, trot up to him and then shoot him sidewards, unfreeze time and laugh as he flies in a different direction!



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