Xbox 360 Visualiser...


1. It is made by Llamasoft Jeff "I should have stopped with the Amiga" Minter's company.
2. Music does not sync up with the images.
3. All the images are subliminal, either with floating X's or floading boxes.
4. When chaning tracks the visualiser must be cancelled, then the user has to scroll through the songlist whith annoying blips and bloops.
5. Someone who has watched it has probably killed someone. (Help me Jack, the visualiser made me kill.)


  1. Anonymous11:27

    shhh don't tell anyone, but I think I'm gonna get a 360 this weekend, Richie, as the only person I "know" with a 360 is this a good move.

    I'm essentially getting it for Oblivion and Prey, then Gears, Mass Effect and Bioshock.

    The reason for my sudden change of stance on this matter (ask Cunzy) is because I recently picked up a copy of Just Cause... Now I thought this game looked shit (I'll be honest) but I figured it's a big new license, with average reviews I'll check it out.

    To sum up real quick, it is as bad as you think it's gonna be, horrible graphics all over the place, at my second save point there is a car half in, half out of the ground that bounces up and down constantly. Terrible sound effects, boring missions etc. If this is the best the last generation has to offer it can stick it.

  2. I have Oblivion, Its great to start off with but very quickly get repetitive and unsatifying.

    Also ther is like 5 different sets of armour and there is only a gertain amount of mods you are going to get ton them, for a game with a huge amount of NPCs and terrain it ends up very shallow.

    The others, well i have never played.

  3. Anonymous13:27

    You're not selling it too me here! From most of the reviews it seems to be a game that you have to put a lot of yourself into to get the most out of it. Plus I don't really have a problem with repitition, I own Dynasty Warriors 3, 4 and 5 and DW4 Empires so...

    Don't know, it just really appeals to me.

  4. Oblivion is also very easy, you'll hardly ever die. the main challenge in this game is dealing with the loading times.

    In saying this though the game is really impressive at the start, I woulod advise playing an "evil" character, Its a lot more fun.

  5. Anonymous14:31

    So what floats your 360 boat, wait let me guess... Dead Rising yah? It does look good, though all the forums go on about is the shit save/load/check point bollocks. May have to purchase though as I've always wanted to re-enact the final moments of Brain Dead!

  6. Yeah Dead Rising is cool, but one of those "play for 20 hours then play it again" once you have it completed loads of bonus features which make the game better are unlocked.

    Oh and the lawnmower isnt as good as you think its gonna be.

    Annoyingly the Katana is the most stisfying weapon in the game.

    Although i have been quite negative the gamne is awesome, Capcom at its finest. theres even a shop in the Mall called "Jill's Sandwiches" genius!

  7. Anonymous15:29

    That is genius! And I can get Smash TV (if they fix Live).

    Fuck it, I'll buy one (also the premium pack is only gonna cast £175! Don't ask...) Can't believe I'm about to sell out to Big Bill!

    Oh yeah, and the 360 pads are fucking awsome. It's been said a thousand times but just because the Sony pad is the "industry standard" doesn't mean they are the best! IGN recently had a PS3 delivered and the main problem they have with the machine are the pads. Crap analogue sticks, uncomfortable to hold, and they feel really cheap because of the decreased weight. Oh yeah, and the PS button DOESN'T DO ANYTHING.

  8. ALo i didnt really answer your previous question, the reaon we have an X-Box 360 is:

    1. the PS3 is hideously expensive.
    2. the games such as Resident Evil 5, GTA 4 are all coming out on Xbox sooner.
    3. We have an HDTV and a full media network in the house
    4. Xbox is out now.

    My advice is not to feel like you are buying into Microsoft, just the games you wanna play.

  9. Anonymous16:02

    It's always about the games, which is why I hate fan-boy console bashing, a good game is a good game no matter what machine it's on.

    One of the main reasons for me finally giving up on the PS3 dream was Sony's new "buy into the console" attitude, rather than having a bunch of exclusive games.

    Assassins Creed running on 360 looks about as good as anything I've ever seen, and I doubt very much whether the PS3 version will look significantly better.

    I need Lost Planet soooo bad!


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