Dragon ball: Tenkaichi Budokai 2! Wnak

This one is especially for Cunzy as he LOVES the Dragonball Series, I don't know that much about it because I'm 25 and dont watch cartoons anymore.

It comes out on the 27th October! it has 130 characters, I dare you to name one other fightin game with that many characters, I DARE YOU.


  1. Anonymous09:49


    Smackdown 2: Know Your Role - character creation means near infinite characters (there's about 50 types of bow-tie alone!), and I'm still unlocking new parts 5 years after it was released!

  2. Oh I'm sorry,when you said "character creation" I heard "Dress up the butch man in not-enough-clothes"

    50 types of bow tie.
    100 types of spandex pants
    70 types of posing pouches
    150 types of gimp mask
    60 types of baby oil for that "wrestler glow"

    Therefore your entry is defunct for being too gay.

    and anyway Character creation modes dont count, they are just re-hashes of other characters moves with teh same animations, cheapening the game.

    Other games defunct from this dare are:

    "Soul Calibur 3"
    "Mortal Kombat: Armageddon"

  3. Anonymous11:08

    Generally character creation is uber ghey, however on Smackdown you can create ANY move set you wish, this includes 100's of moves that are not taken from the standard character roster. Also you are able to chain a set of animations together to create a whole set of new moves/combos.

    Also I dare say there will be a certain amount of shared moves between the 130 DBZ characters.

    Therefore I will now produce my ball sack for you to lick and maintain that this game has more character variations that DBZ.

    And I don't think a grown man who still creams his pants over a kids morning tv show can claim anything is "too gay" without their anus exploding their repressed homosexuality.

    /flaps cock in the wind

  4. Right Cockflapper! character movset animation counter.

    kids morning tv show Vs Wrestling

    Which is more ghey?

  5. Anonymous12:07

    If we're talking Rude-Dog and the Dweebs then Wrestling is sooo Ghey.

    But if we're talking Jetix INIT then I call GAY on that!


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