Kingdom Hearts 2: WHERE'S THE GAME!!!

So I recently bought Kingdom hearts 2, having been a fan of the first one. However I find myself running into a couple of issues. Firstly there is TOO MANY CUT-SCENES, I know, I know, the game is from Disney and they want to have all the characters and the plot involved with them, but still, I don’t want a 5-10 minute cut-scene every time I enter/leave/move in a new area. Nor do I want a cut-scene which bears no resemblance to the main plot of the game. Secondly there is no where near enough fighting! The enemies are painfully easy to beat, if you encounter a shed load of enemies you know you will wipe them out using little to no healing. Aside to this I unlocked the tournament mode thinking “YEAH, finally just some non-stop fighting”… nope cleared it in one go again far too easy, now I have to wait till I can unlock the next tournament, by playing through more pissy plot.
Speaking of Pissy Plot, I went to Atlantica, The Little Mermaid World. And well I get there and what happens, no enemies, just a FUCKING MUSICAL... A FUCKING MUSICAL, seriously all you do is press X at the right time, it’s like a rhythm game with no effort put into it. Poor Disney/Sqenix, very poor.
Quote from Fanboy#6
Overall I give it 9.7/10 because it has Disney and Final fantasy in it (I masturbate over my Advent Children Cloud figure, I have now coated it completely)
P.S. VGcats made this point ages ago, however as the Americans got the game ages before us UK folkies i had no idea what they were talkin about.


  1. Anonymous09:09

    Maybe it's just cos you're so L337 HaXX0|- !!1

    I do seem to recall a certain Mr. 1 1 having some problems with the original, so can I assume that Squeeeeenix decided that no "child" ever managed to complete it so made it easier/gayer?

  2. Anonymous14:28

    Let me guess, you were just trying to do something! Was he right behind you? Don''t worry just blow on it!


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