Yeah! Thatguys is 6 months old. If only we were a webcomic then we'd have an excuse to post a picture of our lead female dressed like a slut.

Of course it may not be cause to celebrate. There was no site for the whole of September and half of the stuff we put up was inane. Some would argue the other half was also inane but what the fick do they know?

Thanks to: Ash, Brother of Chunkysalsa, Chadey, Chunksalsa, Chuff_72, Dr.Wo69, Hellbound Anals, KaiserTia, LolaGirl, Miss Bea Havin from 90's playstation magazine Playstation Pro, Monfuche, Quadbee, Retardo, Satyrwyld (we miss you honey), Shig, Reggie F, Joe Kendo and Marvin Branagh.

Thanks also to EDGE magazine who made us their website of the month back in April this year.

I'll leave you with some of our favourite comments:

"..by looking at your blog.... I can't expect you to understand how it feels to want you both daily. My fingers plumb the depths where I wish you were"- E-tartes HeavenDue Devils

"Seat-wettingly enticing"- Miss Bea Havin' from 90's Playstation magazine Playstatio Pro

"by reading you, I have a further chance to feel intelligent and sterile"- Jesse Jenkins Editor of Heat Magazine Italy

"Funny shit dudes"- Our pal Isshi

"I love the way all the comments are between themselves"- Mr.AIDS 2006

Thanks Guys


  1. Anonymous23:33

    Yeah if thats guy was a baby it would be just the right size to punt without falling over!!


    Seriously where can I pick up Robo-rally I really want that game and do the Robo-dance with my hands!!


    Gameboy Pockets rule!!!

  2. Anonymous13:58

    Someone beat someone at table tennis...



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