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Here in Blogsville we love blogging and the blogosphere almost as much as google-image searching Japanese girls' names with safe search well and truly off. Or discussing the Wikipedia entry for Pokeshipping or The Internet. However, what we don't do is that viral kind of blogging seen here here here here and here.

Posts like this:

"Netscaper just uploaded this link from Fiery Conduit's random vegan mash up site because he found this photo set on Flikr about this guy's wife's Burning Man photos. BurningMan Cats= :)= :)= :)"

We all know how to find Burning Man Cat photos, hell half of FLikr and Technorati is Burning Man Cat Photos. But you know San Fran, as no-one calls it, it's Zany, Wacky, Crazy, Random, Mad & Mental.

However, today I show you this link. It sums up second life and if the guys from Something Awful weren't the guys from Something Awful, their video would probably be up for a Sanny, or whatever, they call the Second Life film festival awards.

Go here to see more rubbish, ill conceived, jerky cam, "deep", thought inspiring, rubbish, worse than that picture we can never bring ourselves to blog, SL, machinima*

* Machinima is an umbrella term used to desribe really bad, like "Indie film" bad, films that are worse than that still. Most aren't even films. Two of them are OK unless you've seen any TV in the last twenty years or played a video game in the last hundred. Or seen fireworks at all. Even if you've only read about fireworks or flashing lights maybe. Seriously. The FMV for Doom II on the SNES* was better in terms of overall aims, design and production

* By FMV I mean the bit of fire which came from the bottom of the screen


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