TGAM- Field Trip

So on Saturday just gone, Chuff_72, Cunzy1 1, Chades/Chadey? Chunkysalsa and Artiste extrordinaire Brother of Chunkysalsa visited the Science Museum’s Game On exhibition!

Here’s the review:

Firstly it was expensive, too expensive. £8.50? Then again that’s about what I’d spend in an arcade, before my heroin addiction that is. They had a good selection of games, over 100!, old and new. Chades, anxious to show the world her calling, absolutely rocked the house on Guitar Hero (Franz Ferdinand, Take Me On, Expert) beating the top score by 150000, getting 98%, five stars and managing to attract a small crowd which applauded her after she finished. It almost makes up for denying a kid who wanted to play a duet with her. He then ran out of the exhibition, probably crying.

A good mix of formats and accessories were on display or wired up for use singstar, dance mats, Nintendo power glove!, Guitar Hero, Net Yaroze, …. We were amazed that most of the games had the original controllers. Controllers which I am positive will be broken, dirty and possibly stolen by the end of this week. There was some classic Salsa action on the Beat’em ups and the silly witch game (name please?) showed who was best at videogames (Me- ha 187). There was a weird atmosphere throughout the exhibition space but most gamers responded positively to our goading/shouting/winding up, especially some legend who was playing Space Invaders on a big screen. For obvious reasons a lot of the classics weren’t there Doom, GTA, Quake, Time Crisis, Thrill Kill etc. Networked games (aside from Halo) were also absent. For not so obvious reasons there was no Duck hunt, Toe Jam and Earl or Donkey Konga.

The exhibition could have benefited more from a section, at least, of “traditional” museum display. As it happened many gamers (and non-gamers) were so enthralled by the hands on stuff available that the excellent interpretation adorning the walls was overlooked by many. After the exhibition a few of us went to the pub to talk games. The That Guy’s crew had a laugh and hopefully we can arrange some more fieldtrips for the future.

If you get a chance do go along, they do stipulate that you can only stay in the gallery for about an hour and a half. We overstayed this and it didn’t get busy and we didn’t get kicked out. If you go on a weekend there will be a queue for most of the games and there is only a minority of people who didn’t seem to understand that it isn’t winner stays on if there is a queue of people behind you.


  1. Anonymous23:56

    Bea Havin the Witches Concubine Vs the 3-Dimensionally Challenged Ice-cube Wall of Nightmares Vs Gravity. Worth £8.50 on it's own i reckon. Or maybe it was the look on chuff's face as i beat his best score on my first go ;op (tho only to be topped by cunzy on HIS first go....i think a rematch is in order. Did anyone see if it had a golden gun deathmatch mode?)


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