Thatguys bites the bullet...

Right well… It happened, we all knew it had to at some point. One of us actually played Katamari, so rather than bad-mouthing it because loads of other people like it, we can actually bad-mouth it based on our own opinions. Unfortunately, in an unexpected turn of events, the game is actually good. I’m sure everybody out there knows the basic concept of rolling up rubbish into a big ball. But there is a tad more to this game, graphics are clean, and the controls are a lot of fun to master. Aside form this and I must emphasize this, Its all about the feeling you get when the ball gets bigger and bigger each time it does the camera resets and you can pick up bigger things… Yeah I know this review is like a year too late, but still, you know… has to be done


  1. Anonymous10:03


    In other news, my 360 has crashed ever day since I have owned it, it took about 2hrs to get my pad to sync up with the console and I completed Prey in three days.

    See below for a link to the only "game" based site I can access from work. Thus allowing me to chat with my fellow PC modders, of which I am the greatest... 1gb of DDR whatever an a touch of spit n grass should sort out your overheating doohiky!


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