Disgrace: The father of video games

Two MCV links in as many days. Good on ya MCV, no doubt our publicity (we are the second greatest video game blog in all of existence as proved by science, probably the firs now as Harvind1 has seemingly gone offline) will give them a numbers boost.

This interview with Ralph Baer over at the Salt Lake City Tribune has him bemoaning modern video games. MCV ran with the quote:

“I think it’s a disgrace,” he told The Salt Lake Tribune. “What I created got abominated.”

Now when we aren't not whinging, we often are whinging but Ralph doesn't feel the need (or it wasn't reported) quite what he finds disgraceful. Tom Nook's prices and stock rotation? The outrageous camping that goes on in Team Fortress 2? Nauseating DRM? Too many busty women in games? Not enough women working in games? The Water Temple in OoT? The fact that Rogue Squadron 2 boots you all the way back to the menu screen every time you fail a mission? That no other video game does water better than Baldur's Gate? The blue shell in Mario Kart? That games are helping to fight cancer in FoldIT and raising awareness to wider social issues in Darfur is dying? That Syndicate is now a shiny-generic FPS?

We'll never know from the information we have today. He's just generally disgusted with all of gaming, good and bad. Console, handheld and PC. Big studio and Indie. Driving games, puzzle games and side-scrolling shooters. Disgraceful.


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