Omastar Comics #32 Omastar 3D

3D is great right? Everything is just better in 3D. Including Omastar Comics! Prepare to have your eyes close down knowing that they won't ever see a finer thing after you read this new Omastar Comic. NOW IN 3D.

Unfortunately, the Rocky Helmet from Omastar Comics 32 could not be rendered in 3DDoes not get better than that people makes you think how we ever put up with all those 2D omastar comics right? We might as well call it a day here.


  1. Oh shiiiiit!


  2. Anonymous00:26

    I fear we've lost Richie! to Skyrim. No doubt he is buried in various cheeses and dragonfly parts at this point.

    I hear the UI is fantastic. Hailed as "like Oblivion's, only worse!"

    Either way, I appreciate the effort made to update this comic for today's youthful market and their "bored of 2-D eyes." Frankly, I'm fine with 2-D but that's because I once played football on an Atari 2600 (American football, I should clarify), which had a handy feature that allowed you to run off one side of the screen and reappear on the other side, thus making up for taking a bad angle on the play.

    That being said, I'm looking forward to using all of my depth perception on upcoming comics, as well as any future updates from Richie!.

  3. Pisspants18:36


    let me know when i need to use spechul glasses, k?


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