L.A. Noire: A re-review

So I did it, I got the full 1400GP for LA. Noire. And as such I'm gonna do a retrospective review of this game. First Up, the game is not that hard, in fact it is so easy that you can actually choose to skip all the action and driving sections. However from an achievement point of view; the game is long winded, and honestly some of the achievements feel very tacked on. For instance, one achievement is to drive all 95 vehicles in the game. Now, if you have ever seen the game you could identify, a taxi, a police car and a bus, but every other fucking vehicle in that game is either a) a car, or b) a convertible car. Trying to differentiate those cars was a bitch and racked me up some youtube time, and annoyingly one car actually does not spawn anywhere in the game, the only way to get it is during a case and you walk out into a parking lot, when you are not meant to... Another horrible tacked on achievement was the hidden packages one... Fifty Hidden packages all round the map, and you know what? Throughout the entire game I did not see one single one! So that was 2-3 hours of youtubing their locations.
However that aside. Those were perhaps the worst achievements, the cars one was meta so you at least got some GP for half the cars found. The game itself is fun and the story is great to watch (though cannot be skipped on replays) the detectiving thing is loads of fun, though reminded me of a 3D point and click adventure,  with some impressive face rendering. The DLC is great, fits in nicely with the plot, though i feel it should have just been included with the game, you know like those DVD releases that have extra minutes of film, but they didnt show you it in the cinema, so you would want to buy the DVD.

TL:DR. The game is great but the cheevos are long winded.

Love and 1940's vehicle identification,

Richie X


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