KYOTOKEI! The demo

Wiiware has demos, Wiiware doesn't have demos. Wiiware sorta has demos but there are none avaialable. Wiiware has demos of weird games. We keep out eye on demos that sometimes get put up on the Nintendo channel. Sometimes we download the demos. We then play an excellent mini game called "juggle the channel data" where we try to free up enough space in the Wii memory to be able to play the demo just downloaded onto the SD card. We try to do it in as few moves possible, leaving the minimum amount of free blocks spare on the Wii. Right now as we type you can download the demo of Fast: Racing League, Kyotokei and some micro racers game. We downloaded Kyotokei. First impressions aren't great. It looks like an amateur webcomicist did the characters. Erk. The music is also annoying. Not a good start.

The game itself is quite cool. I don't know how original the concept is but it is basically a side scrolling shooter but you can change the colour of your guy riding a bird to either red or blue. When you are red you are immune to red bullets, when you are blue you are immune to blue bullets. The demo is only one and a tiny bit levels long but it gives you an idea of the concept and a taster of how this basic mechanic actually makes for quite a fun game. No doubt the game gets fiendish later on, running with this colour changing bird boy concept.

You shoot the clothes off this lady. Not quite to the same extent as sentimental shooting but if that tickles your prickles we won't hold you back. So there we go, fan of SSSs? Got a Wii? Check out the Wiiware demo today! Stupidly, it's also on iphone and the ipad so it is probably one of the best games on those platforms. What you can see of it when your big fat fingers aren't covering half of the screen.


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