HD rereleases

Silent Hill, Devil May Cry, Resident Evil, Beyond Good and Evil, Zone of the Enders, Ico and SoTC and Halo Anniversary. All of these franchises have HD re-releases due out or out already. Although, we're hugely appreciative that older games are kept alive we're fans of being able to play the versions we already own. Important to note that aside from the original Halo it is impossible to play SH, DMC or RE on current generation platforms (okay so if you have an old PS3 or Wii you could still play some of these).

But of course, HD re-releases are different from straight up re-releases but I can't shake the feeling that this kind of stuff is happening because the ideas are running out. Is this spate of HD re-releases a confession that this generation really wasn't much cop for innovation besides a graphical enhancement? Team TGAM is probably split on the issue but I'm of the opinion that technology has progressed faster than game designers and developers can keep up with or think of something clever to do.

There are very few games that otherwise could not have existed and been as fun on older platforms. I'm a fan of Dead Rising and yeah, it would have been hard to pull off hundreds of detailed on screen zombies before. The improvement in games like GTA (and red dead redemption) is only apparent when you try to go back to the older games and realise how significant that surface layer of added detail really adds to the games. I'll concede that online console play has been improved in Europe by PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii but games themselves? Nah. Twigs have been added to games' evolutionary tree but I'm struggling to think of new branches in game space (PC games aside).

There's also been a serious lack of adapting to the explosion of social networking and features that should be standard. Why have video games (notable exceptions are Halo and Minecraft) been so slow to add these elements to games to improve the sense of community and allow gamers to share their passion on blogs, facebook etc? I'd like games to have these features but don't get me wrong, I don't want this bollocks. The games that keep me playing are not improved by being able to play them on a phone or a tablet which 1% of the population actually owns.

If you missed SH, Resident Evil and devil May Cry first time around then by all means pick up and enjoy these but I for one, am looking forward to something new and different and worth spending a lot of money on*.

*Although a re-release of Resident Evil Outbreak, a version that actually works would get me how downstairs. Certainly more appealing than this generic soldier dudes shit.


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