Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City

We've mentioned REORC before. We weren't very nice about it. We were concerned that what makes the early Resi's great had been taken away from this game. It was looking like an essentially generic man-shooter affair with the occasional familiar B.O.W. Manshooter syndrome is the new Monster Syndrome, or so we thought. Well this trailer encourages us to commit milnerphagy (milphagy? We want to eat our hat, not a hatmaker although eating a hatmaker is more Resident Evil).

It actually looks good! We're excited again! Less focus on generic shooty people with gasmasks and more about the city and the story capcom have told, retold, rereleased and retold and retold again. Then retold in HD. We feel for the Resikipedians as it looks like the canon is going to be slightly retweaked again.

Yay! Resident Evil again. We used to be a blog about Resident Evil once.


  1. Anonymous00:11

    To the Staff at TGaM (meaning of course, mostly Cunzy11 but others who presumably post here as well, although I would be hard pressed to prove otherwise should someone say [CITATION PLEASE] in that annoying tone of brackets):

    I just wanted to write in and tell you how much I enjoy your blog. I've been reading TGaM since January 2011, having been bandwagoned over here via RPS' Sunday Papers and the enticing term "whore trucks." (Add'l fun fact: the term "whore truck" was the invitation. I kicked off my shoes and bookmarked it after seeing the tag "look at me I am Tim Rogers".)

    I truly absolutely love the writing here, whether it's tiny possible in jokes linked to an inappropriate jpeg or a sprawling (well, 300+ words, anyway) takedown of the "entertainment" thing known as NintendoTV.

    I say all this despite the fact(s) that I:

    - am not a huge fan of Resident Evil
    - have not, and most likely will never, play anything with the name Pokemon attached to it
    - do not own a Nintendo system more current than the original NES
    - am most likely playing something RPGish, perhaps with a tinge of FPSishness (as is the Thing To Do these days)
    - have pretty much stopped blogging on my own site and yet feel compelled to make others continue to entertain me without reciprocation.

    Subscribing to your RSS feed has kept me up to date on your random postings, as well as providing me with some levity and brightness nestled between weightier blogtomes like Marginal Revolution, Techdirt (whom I write for on occasion) and The Volokh Conspiracy. (In fact, you and RPS are the ONLY game-oriented sites in my Google Reader. Exclusive, non?)

    To sum up: thanks again for all of the entertainment. I sincerely hope you continue blogging well into the future despite the lack of constant feedback. And if you decide to move on to other things, please leave a link here so I can continue following.

  2. Woah! A midnight reader <3. Quick, tidy the place up. Make it look like we're busy.


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