Resident Evil 4: Revisited

So I finished Resident Evil 4 on the 360. It was again great fun, The only places I really got stuck were the silly slide puzzles, the Graphics are great, and all the gameplay was back there, enjoyable as ever.

I played Resident Evil 4 originally on the Gamecube, then again on the PS2 with all the extras, I then tried the PC version, and of course the stupidly easy Wii version. So I have played it a bit too much.

The 360 version remains faithful in all ways to the original sight sounds and scares. The only problem was I had done it 'all' before. Unfortunately there is 2 achievements on the 360 version I will not get. And that is playing it through on professional version, because I just cant be bothered, been there done that, and annoyingly, remaining faithful to the original, you have to play through normal difficulty before unlocking the professional difficulty. Secondly, is gaining all the bottlecaps for the shooting gallery, I spent ages on the PS2 version getting them, and mostly got them through luck and persistence. On a side note, there is no achievement for Mercenaries, and I aint going near that with a bargepole.

Currently i'm playing though the unlocked Agent Ada and Separate Ways campaigns, which are fun, though quite short. With Code Veronica getting a purchase in the near future too.

All in all I'm glad to have played this iteration, Its the old fantasy of being able to get those retroactive achievements for all those games from years gone by, before achievements existed. But more importantly on top of that RE4 is a great game to play again but maybe not to play again and again.

Love and buyin' it at a high price,

Richie X


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