Mario Kart 7 New Characters and Track

No sooner than I throw a wobbly about the underused Nintendo Channel then they go and upload some half decent videos. This week is a video about Mario Kart 7, confirming that Metal Mario and Lakitu will be two new playable characters to the series. Also, unlike most tracks the WuHu Island course won't be a three lap course, instead the race will take place as one long lap across the island.

Now, we're all for change but we can't help but be disappointed by the announcement of these two new characters. Firstly, in between Mario, Luigi, Waluigi, Wario, Baby Mario and Baby Luigi, we would have expected a bit more originality in character choice than yet another Mario. Secondly, if the characters from MKWii are returning too Lakitu adds to the already koopalicious choices of koopa trooper, dry bones, Bowser and Dry Bowser.

With Mario Kart hopefully boosting sales of the 3DS we were secretely hoping that Nintendo would shake up the series. Perhaps by including characters from their other franchises. A Super Smash Kart if you would.

With new track set-ups like the WuHu Island one, we can easily imagine a track based on Pokemon Black and White's Unova, tearing around one of the Lylat System's Planets with Landmasters careering around in the background or gliding around a stage inspired by the upcoming SKyward Sword. Furthermore, with MK being such a popular series, players might be tempted to pick up other Nintendo games. I staunchly detested Metroid and FX Zero but since playing Super Smash Brothers Brawl have picked up (and enjoyed) games in these series.

There's no doubt that MK7 will be popular but the series needs a shake up beyond a few pallet changed characters and Diddy Kong Racing gliding/underwater transforming Karts. Who knows, with my whinging earlier this week seemingly listened to perhaps we'll see a major shake up for Mario Kart Wii-U?


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