Wiiware demos are back!

As the other three people in the UK who stop to actually use the other Wii channels may have noticed, via a message from ninty, that playable Wiiware demos are back! It used to be the case that you could try a handful of the download service games helping you decide whether to buy or not but for unknown reasons nintendo stopped the service which was annoying. We have issues with all of the downloadable games platforms on all the current generation of consoles but demos work really well on the Xbox 360 and used to on the Wii. Otherwise, of course, spending those Wii points on an unknown entity can result in players never using it again (missing out on gems like Swords and Soldiers, World of Goo and our favourite Lit). So we welcomed the change.

Furry Legends (Gamelion), Jett Rocket (Shin'en Multimedia), ThruSpace (Nintendo) and Zombie Panic in Wonderland (Akaoni Studio) are currently available. We managed to scrounge up enough free blocks (sorry Today and Tomorrow channel but you were shit) to try Zombie Panic and Jett Rocket. We might try Furry Legends but if it ain't a game where Krystal from Starfox adventures bangs Sonic the hedgehog via a Wiiwheel minigame we ain't interested.

Zombie Panic in Wonderland recieved mixed reviews largely because of the shallow gameplay. From the demo it's actually okay but probably not worth 1000 wii points. The cool aspect of the game is that (in the first level anyway) you start by shooting zombies within the constraints of a little shop but gradually destroy the scenery enough to reveal a whole street. It's essentially space invaders set in a zombie infested ninja world but might be an evenings worth of fun in co-op.

Jett Rocket Appears to be a charming little game which is visually something between Jetforce Gemini and one of the early Jak And Daxter games and from the first level demo plays like something between De Blob and Super Mario Galaxy. It's charming enough but probably not going to keep you engaged if you have SMG2 as well. Ironically, a man in a jetpack is supposed to be an eco warrior? Maybe it is a solar powered jet pack? Who knows?

So we won't be buying either of these games off the back of the demos but there is a small pleasure to be had by whiling away quiet moments by trying out a demo or two.


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