Guy Cocker defends 360 as gadget of the century

So editor of Gamespot UK, and owner of a name that still makes me giggle, has come out and stated that the 360 should be gadget of the 21st Century:

As a gadget fan with an iPad, an Android phone and many of the other gadgets on this list, there's still only one thing I'd take to a desert island -- my Xbox 360 S. With a flat screen TV, an Internet connection and a copy of Halo: Reach, obviously.

Surely the flat screen and "teh internets" is cheating? but yeah, ok 360 as Contender for Gadget of the 21st Century? It's a big claim! I mean we are only 10 years in (I assume this must be some sort of rolling competition?) anyways.

I love the 360, i prefer it to the PS3 and the Wii. So yeah if a console is gonna get the Gadget of the 21st Century, I would vote for the 360. Honestly though, I don't see a console winning. The contenders consist of the usual Apple products, a selection of Phones (some as outdated as the Motorola Razr), some Cameras/Camcorders, laptops, HD cable boxes, HD-DVD players(?), hand-helds, the consoles and the Nokia N8(Ha!).

So yeah you know what...

Despite the fact that the iPad will win, I'm with (teehee) Guy Cocker on this! 

360 to win!

Love And N8's

Richie X

P.S. How much cock could a Guy Cocker, cock. If Guy Cocker could cock guys?


  1. Virtually Shaun14:31

    What sort of cunt spells 'internet' with a capital 'i'?


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