Ben X- Watch it.

Looks shit from the box art, probably why nobody heard of it

NOT BEN10 that hideous cartoon that isn't as good as all those cartoons we grew up on M.A.S.K etc. but a charming little Belgian film.

When we're used to getting excited about, analyzing and dismissing media before it has even been released it was nice to be taken by surprise by this little film. I hadn't heard of it and in fact wasn't really aware of it being at all video game themed and a quick Google seems to suggest it wasn't picked up by the monolith of websites calling themselves video game blogs.

It's a touching tale 'based on real life events' that quite heavily features video games but not in a brainless sense a la Gamer or a massive advert a la Wizard but featuring a video game (ArchLord, missed that on the wikipedia page didn't ya, wiki cunts) as part of a normal life. Dare-we-say-it even in a positive light?

For gamers out there I'd recommend giving it a watch. Not only is it the best video game related film out there at the moment it has quite a nice story. Many of the issues touched on chimed with me as a gamer (but not as extreme as depicted in the film).

Subtitles though! So watch out lazies who can't read and watch films at the same time.


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