Warriors of Rock: The Shallow review

Guitar hero is shallow. 6 versions later and not much has changed whatsoever. But that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Guitar hero 6 has brought in a slapdash "plot" element the "Quest" mode, akin to the story mode in previous versions. You pick a character, play a few songs from their setlist, get enough stars, unlock the encore song, and also unlock some new outfits/character designs. Later Rinse, Repeat, till Final boss. There is also a plethora of cheevos to pick up on the way. Quick mode offers challenges, more fun cheevos  and a rather nice addition, a full collection of all the songs from the other Guitar hero titles (and DLC) giving me 200+ Songs in one place. The Setlist is different this time round; It seems neversoft have decided to stay in the Rock Genre, which is a good Niche, let Rock band have the Family Fun appeal..

In Short, the game cost me £20 brand new, it does not add much to the series, just some nice aesthetic changes and some fun new songs, still a steady, good, and fun game to play.

A shallow Review for a shallow game.

Warriors and Rock,

Richie X


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