An Ode to: The Great Jaggi

Oh Great Jaggi sometimes you scare me though.

Oh Great Jaggi
how Great are you?
Not that great anymore
the Great Baggi is greater than you
you are still greater than jaggis and jaggias though
So comparatively, your name is apt.

The first time I tried to hunt you,
you won.
And the second time.
Not the third time, although I did have help.
Stupid shoulder barge
That used to take off 80% of my health.
Now it does very little.

Go ahead. Call your buddies.
All they do is dance around.
Baggis spit ice stuff at you and make you sleep.
Unless Cha Cha helps me.
Cha cha never helps me.
I'm gonna leave you in the village next time you little shit.

Maybe I should sell all that Great Jaggi stuff
In me box.
I'll hang on to it for a bit.
See you around 'Great' Jaggi.
In the meantime
I need
A Rathian Plate.


  1. Haha, another stunning post.

    Glad to hear you're still enjoying Monster Hunter Tri. I managed to rinse it in a couple months, there simply wasn't enough challenge compared to the PSP versions.

  2. To be honest I embrace and end to it. It's unsustainable being this into a game but at the same time is a good reminder of why I bother with games in the first place.

    Especially when there are so many other great games out there vying for my attention.

    My palate will need cleansing after this.


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