That Letter to Konami

Three working days is up bitches so I'm posting my letter to Konami here. Then maybe we'll put it on twitter and start a facebook group and maybe make page 416 of the Guardian Guide this weekend until Konami reply to us.

Dear Konami,

We here at the blog That Guy's A Maniac have been debating buying the new Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Game. It has received excellent reviews all around and we are a fan of other Konami games. Silent Hill is excellent. Not so much Metal Gear Solid but each to their own.

Anyway, despite being just over a month old it is already retailing for less than £20 in some places. LESS THAN £20! How is this sustainable? I'm a discerning gamer and the above game price is not even for a second hand copy but I bet the game cost a fair million to make and is already discounted to a half/third of the price. Perhaps a bit longer pride of place in the spotlight would be better for the game? I couldn't see a copy on the shelves of the largest GAME store in Europe this weekend. Is that it for this game? Onto something next now?

Also, I've seen no marketing for the title outside of gaming magazines and I'm interested so I'm looking you know? I bet the average gamer doesn't even know what a Castlevania is so they probably won't buy it. Which is a shame because hundreds of people did a bloody good job (so we've read) making it but they won't receive quite so much money in return.

Kind regards

Cunzy1 1 and Richie!

PS. Please make Silent Hill 7 good. The spin offs were OK but not a patch on 4. Or 2. Or 1. Or that recent wii one.

PPS. we actually didn't hate the Silent Hill movie. It was better than that Resident Evil CGI shit hey? Hey? Capcom? Hey? Hey?


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