The Virtual Revolution: A Breakdown

Over the weekend we watched the first episode of The Virtual Revolution. A series all about the history of the web innit. Presented by I'm-A-Doctor-Now-Former-Bits-Presentertator-Aleks Krotoski. Anyway here's the breakdown just in case you missed it:

10% Gratuitous shots of Dr Al's breasts and butt. Really gratutitous.
5% Aleks nodding/glowing/gushing in the presence of an old San Franciscan.
15%Dr Aleks walking around looking pensive.
15%Dr Aleks walking around looking pensive with her shades on.
30% 5 of the richest men in the world celebrating how the web is the great 'leveller' specifically their software.
5% Bitter hippies claiming it's all gone to shit now.
7% Aleks looking into the camera and flicking her hair out of her eyes.
5% Aleks typing away on her laptop WITH HER MAN HANDS in the street near a famous landmark.
10% Some pointless graphic which was being 'unveiled' for the first time ever.

Episode two is on at some point. Games might be in it so do check it out. Better still look up old Bits episodes on Youtube. They are a little less gratuitous.


  1. I really enjoyed this documentary, weird camera shots aside, I don't usually learn that much from other shows about life online, but this this one was genuinely interesting.

  2. Yeah, i have to say i enjoyed it too.
    Ive generally enjoyed most of the 'Revolution' series recently on the BBC. Micro men was really good.


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