GAME to close down some stores.

First can we say how sad it will be for all those who lose their jobs in the closure of 43 shops across the UK. Now that is out of the way can we now say good. Good riddance GAME.
We tried to support you in the credit crunch crisis thingy but you didn't have the games we wanted a mere six days after launch. Also, I'm not entirely surprised at the closures either when your stores look and feel like a teenager's bedroom.

We remember the days when GAME was merely an awesome mail order site and you'd order stuff from the back of a mag. We got Legacy of Kain, Resident Evil, Broken Helix and Tomb Raider from GAME before it became a shop*. Any and every title including the more obscure ones were available back then when gaming shops on the high street were basically for PC games and printers. To see it's horrid generic commercial horribleness now makes us sad :(

*Just checked wikipedia. Our memories seem to be totally apocryphal. Maybe we meant Gameplay? W/ever. OH MAN WE FORGOT TO MAKE THE GAME OVER JOKE


  1. Game has been the lowest common denominator for games on our high street for quite some time - I think the fact some are closing is well past due some places have two or even three stores purple POS containers disguised as shops since they merged with Gamestation.

    In short they're a joke unless you want to pay over the odds for new and preowned games. I welcome the closures!

  2. Plus they purchased Gamestation in 2007 effectively limiting the amount of consumer choice while simultaneously halting Gamestop gaining a foothold in the UK market. Whether Gamestop would have been a good thing, it would have increased competition which generally is good for the consumer. I was in the Metro centre in newcastle the other day and passed 3 GAME stores within 150 yds. I went in to the largest and asked about the Xbox 120gb HDD vs the impending 250GB HDD and he tried to tell me they never sold the 120 and the xbox could only handle 60GB, ridiculous! Any time i did mystery shopping for MCV, Game was always bested by the indies anyway i won't miss them


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