Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing is it Mario Kart?

I think like most people out there, the first thing they thought was "Could this be Mario Kart on a non-Nintendo system?". But then again most people would rather not get their hopes up as this just may be another shit SEGA franchise game.

But we had a play through and as close as it may be to Mario Kart. It's not quite there. Dont get me wrong it's fun, but not in the same way, yes the mechanics are the same, yes pretty much every pick-up is a clone of the Mario Kart pick-ups, and the levels are actually quite cool, including the loop-de-loops of Sonic vintage. But its missing that special something, I have decided to call this "something" Nintendroin and amalgamation of Nintendo and Heroin. I have decided that Turtle shells, Chomp chains, Plumbers and Princesses are the visual equivalent of Heroin, they have hooked us when we were young, and simply looking at these images makes us all feel all warm and comfy.

That aside though, what about this one, will you play it? If like me you are one of the hapless few who don't have/disowned their Wii, only to find that they have Mario Kart shaped hole deep in the recesses of their hearts with no X-box/PS3 titles to fill it, let alone patch it up, then... Maybe.

Like I mentioned it is in essence a Mario Kart Clone, even down to the waggling boost from a drift, but it doesn't have the usual fare of characters, in fact some of those SEGA faces are unknown to me, It almost feels like SEGA are proud of some of the drossy shit they brought out. But in saying that if you are a Mario Kart fan AND a Fan of the SEGA characters then this may be right up your street. 

This is an odd one, as the Characters and styling may make or break this one for you, but essentially it  is just Mario kart, and Mario Kart is ALWAYS fun.

Oh one other thing, I'm not sure about the name, I mean "Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing" is not catchy, nor does it have a viable acronym SaSASR, It'll probably get shortened to "Sonic Racing" so we all just have to forget that one existed.

Love and Cream the Rabbit.

Richie X


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