Heavy Rain- TV spots

Yes citizens, the hype machine for Heavy Rain has sprung to life, opened up one evil eye and focussed it on the sky. Recently, Heavy Rain TV spots have been appearing in between televised shows about cooking and ice skating and all those Wii adverts that dominate the idiot box. We know, we know, you are dying to hear our verdict on them but first we interrupt this post for yet another look at 5/10 butterface leaning against the window in her pants.
There's no way around it. She just isn't attractive. Well done feminism. You won!

Anyway, back to these TV ads. I can't find any of the videos online (depressing in 2010) but basically, if you were a non gamer and you saw them you wouldn't realise that Heavy Rain supposedly represents gaming at it's best, gaming of the non running and shooting and inspiring high school killers kind, gaming for the thinking person. In fact I'd shoot the marketing team behind the spots because it makes the game look more like a video game of media lore than the grown up video games we like to shout about. And the graphics look awful. It is so painfully a video game. How are they still getting it all so so wrong?

Anyone else seen them and cringed like us?


  1. Not seen them yet, but will now keep an eye out.

    Great tags on your posts as always haha.


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