Stop this sick filth

It is like ROsa Parks all over again
Many of you may have taken a stroll around Amity square with one of your 'cute' pokemon friends. Can I ask that as of today everyone boycotts Amity Square as it is nothing more than RACISM AT IT'S WORST.

Yesterday I attempted to take a Kabuto for a walk around the square only to be told that it wouldn't be allowed in because it wasn't 'cute' enough. Not only is cuteness subjective but the Nazis at Amity Square define cuteness as pink normal types (with a couple of exceptions). Quite how this barefaced racism is tolerated in Hearthrome City comes as no surprise- the religious rednecks there have even built a church opposite the entrance.


  1. Dr Wo23:09

    I tried to walk my Absol 13 times! But everytime we were refused by the opinionated bitches, Absol likes to mark it's territory its a natural thing.

  2. Anonymous15:49

    lol. My Arceus pissed on the guys face :)


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