Generation V pokemon revealed


Apparently a dark type, if it was 3 stage I'd like to think it could have been a starter. I'm fond of the idea that the starters could be something other than Fire, Grass and Water again. Dark, Fighting and Psychic seem the most viable. But I digress... It's been announced much in the same way as Lucario of Generation IV as he'll be in the TWELFTH movie! 

Love and still waiting on HeartGold/SoulSilver,

Richie X 


  1. Dr Wo18:46

    OFFICIAL: I am through with Pokemon! I am taking a stand on this one and no amount of new pokemon and pedomoeters are going to make me download this game onto my N3 Simply card. Nah ar!
    I cant wait till the next instalment just to see what they can come up with, I think the Greek alphabet would a good source.

    On the 360 front, just finished Mass Effect 2, REALLY GOOD! However should have been given the title Mass Erect 2 (yip I went there) as the actual aim of the game is to jump onto your crew members for some hot wild tentacle time. There is the sultry Miranda, Ho-man 'Kelly' Chambers, Tali who is need of some facial splattering (dont worry love your wipe clean), the crazy bald lesbot or like my girlfriend from the first instalment, the Asari chick.

    In my humble opinion of virtual and pixellated babes Miranda had the best tits so I was trying to get my mack onto her and my love smack into her, I knew she was a sure fire thing as in her office theres a FRICKIN BED! If thats not an open invitation I dont know what is. I was going for it saying shit like 'oh you can rely on me'and 'your hair looks nice today' but at the crucial dialogue choice I choose what I would actually say and you know what I got off her....
    No laying back and watching some hot FMV! No 'woum' 50g's! Nothing!

    Prehaps I should take the moral high ground, after all we were meant to be saving the universe and not abusing our postion of authority, saying lame ass lines to get into the pants of every female on board.

    "Wheres Shepard the frickin Reapers are tearing the Galaxy apart?"
    "Him and that Cerberus chick are still at it, I heard them through my cabin wall last night and this morning"
    "YAWN..... Hi fellas what I miss?"

    I did achieve having dinner though.

    This aside and in a nutshell....

    + End game is truly amazing! Best final level ever!!!

    + Scanning planets and the Robo Lady (cant bone) saying 'Probe away'

    + Great scope to replay, not only to see ALL the bed room antics but to be serious you know and do the game differently, you can even replay the first one do that differently to have a different sequel!

    + Watched the credits

    - The meat of the game is assembling your team and doing 'personal' missions for your team (to unlock super powers), this verges on grindation and leaves the story hollow as there are only about 4 plot points.

    - Didnt sleep with anyone.

    Next up Bayonetta!


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