Katamari: Re-roll. Gammon Review

Dear Snowflakes,

What is your fucking problem, pie and mash not good enough for you, why don’t you go and have a word with yourself before I anti-vax your Pain au Chocolat! Yeah that’s right jog on before you do yourself a culturally appropriated mischief, innit.

You think the fucking King of all Cosmos is watching the latest fucking lecture from Dr Who on woke culture? Nah m8, he’s putting his boys out on the front line, gettin ‘em learning the family trade and any of you muggy cunts out there sipping on gender fluid organic cruelty free soy lattes, who are not doing the same should be ordered to ring the parents of a soldier who has died serving their country in Afghanistan and tell them their reasons.

Brexit means Brexit! Imperial measurements, blue passports, mothers pride bread and tesco value beans, top of the pops and rehashes of games from 2004. Fuck the 350 million to the NHS, I’ll give £16.99 of my hard earned for that privilege! Just the price of a pint of milk innit.

Ingerland 4 the Ingerlish!!!! Remoaning wankers! Wot you not happy about! The game came out 15 years ago and its exactly the same with some HD graphics on it! Wots not to like! Britain stands alone! Ignore those Euromyths spread by the Corbynites, Churchill would have loved this game!

Love and lets use the Switch just to play rehashed of old games only, yeah?,

Gammon (That's the bad guy in Zelda innit?)X


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