Starlink: Tourist Around Atlas

We treated ourself to Starlink: Battle for Atlas, Ubisoft's buildable ship toys-to-life game over Christmas seeing as the starter pack and accessories were criminally discounted and we love a good space flight ship game (we're somewhat in a renaissance after years of nothing!) & didn't have enough single title use plastic crap.

I'm loving the game, so much that I'm savouring it rather than smashing through to hit the credits but in lieu of a longer post on it here's some postcards from Atlas taken using the excellent photo mode, added as a bonus free update over Christmas! Photo mode comes with a range of tools and filters and we've spent shockingly long snapping away.

We're playing it on Switch, so obviously Arwing is best but we're a little bit in love with Pulse, the saucy little red number piloted by ex-racing driver Chase. It's true that red ones go faster.

This one we call 'BLUE'. It hangs above our sex bed in our 80's American Psycho flat.
A tiny and pointless detail we love is you can open up and close the 'flaps' on the Arwing model. To maximise swooshiness. 

New trend alert! New trend alert! It's called Dagobahing and all the kids are doing it. 

Although not exactly bursting with life, Atlas has a motley crew of animals on each planet. There's normally a birdy one, a dragony one and a stompy one.

This night goggles vision filter comes with a satisfying ping noise. Devil is in the detail.

We had to try really hard not to 'Gameboy' filter every goddam image.

This filter we've dubbed Psygnosis cover generator

Yes, your mother is in this game too. 

So far, there's not a snow or lava planet in sight and a nice little incidental detail, which this game seems packed with, is a thermometer on the HUD that betrays the fact that the bright orange dry planet is actually chilly and that lakes of water are hyper-frozen gas lakes.
LV-426 #1

LV-426 #2

Classic space xeno globs on the fart planet

Expect a longer look and thoughts down the line but in the meantime enjoy the GOLDEN AGE OF SPACE 'EM UPS again because Starlink is in the pipe and five by five so far.


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