2018 Dead, Good riddance

Hi guys,

Another year has gone by, and we out-did our productivity from the previous year by one whole post!
Which I'm sure on a chart somewhere we could spin into some kind of TGAM Renaissance.

This year we are turning 13 which is, I'm sure, a milestone for many bloggers. Is blogging still a thing? We have seen so many die...

Last year we made some bold statements, did we follow through on them?
  • More "reviews", this year we are going to enter the world of steam curators. Expect more obscure and awkward scoring systems.
Um well we actually did do some reviews, and at least one of them was current. and we genuinely became a steam curator, Steam expect more questionable creepy anime games to pop up on that one!
  • Sex sells, as does Cephalopods. Due to our dulling imaginations we will do sequels to our most "successful" posts (Boobs, Nude Cheats, and Omastar, see below).
Kinna, we did reference our old stuff on DMC4, but it was sad to watch.
  • Lists (meta).
  • Dollies! Yeah, turns out Cunzy and I like to take pictures of out dollies and we may just make TGAM a platform for these pix.
Yeah took some pics of a transformer all very pretty, but ultimately not what TGAM is.
  • Instagram. Um yeah there is a TGAM instagram, it's not very good. We tried to link it to the blog, and it still wasn't very good. We might pretend we will do something about it, at some point. But likely just let it stagnate as yet another trigger enabling us cry ourselves to sleep at the same time as we contemplate our chronic self-destruction.
Nah, like whats the point in having more than one instagram account, just gets tedious.  
  •  A Pokémon post. 
YEAH! here
  • Guest bloggers.
Ha, no, like we have any friends! 
  • A reference to us as "gamer-girls".
Not in public.

This year we will forgo the lists, we will make some outlandish claims that we will double those posts, and that we have a big "exclusive" and some exciting news about TGAM this year... faith in this/us is optional

P.S. We are playing Smash bros for the first 2 months of this year, so we will do that whole doubling of posts in like Summer or something.

P.P.S. Maining Peach.

Love and where does Peach hide Toad,

Richie X


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