I suppose we should talk about RE2 Remake

So we took the plunge and kicked off the 30 min demo, below You can see all my procrastinating glory as you see me achieve absolutely fuck all. Watch me wander, watch me shoot random set bits, watch me get shit scared by zombies, good times. Like this is genuinely me playing! I played then I uploaded to youtube, crazy!

As nice as it is to live in  a world where a) a resident evil 2 remake exists, b) you can screen/video grab with relative ease. I was left pondering as to who is this game meant for?

====Warning uninformed pseudo psychological opinions====

The original Resident Evils began their lives on the PS1, in the heady days of the mid 90's of dial up internet, and no  where we had films like Trainspotting, Pulp fiction, and Groundhog day, and our soundtracks were dominated by Brit-"pop" titans of Oasis, Blur and Pulp and landmark albums of Fat of the Land by Prodigy. The survival horror genre was being born, we finally had a platform which transcended out of the 2D pixelizations and could create an immersive scary world. Not to say 2D platformers were void of this and the metroidvainia games can attest to this, but with tech to now able to have 3d/1st person, this gave it another dimension (HA!). At this time thatguys were in our formative years, now't but wee angsty teenagers, setting out their paths in life. Each generation in these formative years has to reach out to stimulus of art/media and fantasy to begin to deal with pretty much... Death and Mortality. And what better to come to terms with this are thoughts of the apocalypse, and the 90s LOVED Dystopian shit! most of it was heavily influenced by the generation before us and their love of Blade Runner, and laterally, Akira spawning a big love for Cyberpunk and influencing such marvels as Syndicate wars, Deus Ex, Chrono Trigger, Fallout and Final Fantasy VII. But not forgetting the Resident Evil series, though not Cyberpunky, the apocalyptic overtones and Japanese take on American culture are forged in the same fires. So I asked myself given how ingrained RE2 is on my psyche and how it mush have similarly affected my peers and the generational consciousness, who is this remake for, is it for us dweeby man-boy 40 year olds? Or is it to enrich another generation of gamers? Or secret answer number 3 it's for Capcom to make monies from?

Love and are you sure you know what Dystpoian means right?

Richie X


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