Occupy Wall Street

Remember the Nintendo Wii? It has a channel called the Mii Contest Channel where every now and then Wii owners, should they choose of their own free will, can create Miis to match a theme and vote on the submitted Miis.

Many of you may have resigned the Wii to gathering dust but there are still a fair few people who obviously spend a lot of time just creating new Miis. We've been astonished at the diversity of creations from a fairly accurate Lady Gaga through to Wookies, Simpsons characters, Aliens, Robots and even the Mona Lisa a Mona Lisa faced woman.

Back to the contests, once a new competition is announced either due to stark homology or a severe lack of creativity, creations tend to all look alike and fit within certain cultural tropes. Any competitions about science or intelligent ends up with hundreds of Einstein Miis (white shirts obligatory) being submitted. Competitions about righteousness or grace, expect Princesses (white or pink shirts). Anything to do with music? Expect tons of Jackos. Occasionally the competition is pitched a little bit over the heads of these assiduous Mii creators. The Marie Antoinette contest obviously threw the community they sort of gathered she was a historical figure and female so there were lots of old women even though she died at 38. Recently there was a competition to submit Miis on the theme of 'Somebody who occupies Wall Street'. It is clear from the submissions that most Mii creators have no idea what this was supposed to mean. There were a handful of hippy types (thank ninty for the dreadlocks hair option) and a few with face masks on (dressed in black the Miimbolism for evil characters) but the vast majority of others didn't have a fucking clue both with the Miis they submitted and the Miis they voted for.

Go ahead blow the dust off your Wii and see for yourself how quickly the rated Miis descend into any old thing. Whilst you are there check out the Everybody Votes Channel to find out What Swedish people do more than anyone else and what people from the UK do the least.


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