Something about Jennifer Helper

If you are a game-o-phile and allergic to metaphorical feathers you will have no doubt got some snuffles last week as everyone and their dog (on our feedreader) got their tits in a twizzle about Jennifer Helper and comments taken out of context about some game called Mass Effect. An inoffensive summary is here.

It is the kind of news that bloggers love to write about. It gives them a chance to play the White Knight, pass-off a comment about how horrible Xbox Live is and then fire off some unhelpful suggestions about how the gaming community at large should combat the par for the course racist, misogynist, etcist environment in games and on the internet at large (we should confront them for it and report them to Microsoft is a strategy that hasn't worked up until now). 

So what is this all about then? Jennifer Helper who didn't write Mass Effect may or may not have said words to the effect that combat should be skippable in games. Cue- the "it is a vocal minority seriously" gaming community insulting her in every which way possible, harassing her turning her into a meme. It is the kind of stuff that sadly is expected from the gaming community but one thing we've been shocked by however is that nobody asked Xenoblade Chronicles NPC Alcamoth Citizen what she felt about the whole thing and whether or not the world needs another Baldur's Gate given that the ones that already exist are still, you know, fully playable. Luckily we're here to do just that and here's what she said:

So that is that cleared up then.


  1. Anonymous11:25

    Hepler. "Helper" is the absolutely hilarious Hamburger Helper pun. Surely Alcamoth Citizen's friend in the Ministry of Records could have passed this on?


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