Interview with the Nemesis

Waaay back in 2007 we interviewed the Nemesis from Resident Evil 3. Well, we've kept in touch since and although he now spends most of his time caring for sick marine iguanas at a the Nemesis Iguana Sanctuary we've managed to catch an interview with him about the reprisal of his, perhaps best known role, in the Nemesis Mode DLC for the astonishingly awful cover based shooter based Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. TGAM lazy fictional cephalopod, Omastar is finally back from a tour of the Unova region and so attempts to earn his keep by catching up with everybody's favourite biological weapon. 

OMASTAR: Star oma, omastar. Star oma? Oma oma?
Nemesis: S.T.A.R.S!

O: Oma oma star omastar oma omastar, star oma star oma star oma omastar?
N: S.T.A.R.S!

O: Oma, oma?
N: S.T.A.R.S

O: Oma?
N: S.T.A.R.S!

O: Star?
N: S.T.A.R.S!

N: S.T.A.R.S!

O: Star?
N: Is this guy for real? All he says is the same three words over and over again? I'm a serious semi-retired actor. I was in Under the Skin for the love of Patsy where's my agent I'll fuc... [STORMS OFF]

O: Star oma. Omastar star. Omastar oma star; oma, star oma oma oma oma oma star omastar. Omastar.Omastar oma.


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