GAME and Troubles

Although obviously we'd be callous to not empathise with friends and strangers whose lives will be disrupted by whatever ends up happening with GAME group's stores, the company only has itself to blame.

Of course, only now is everyone jumping on the GAME bandwagon. It isn't a charity. It is supposed to be a commercial business. It hasn't been serving PC gamers (a massive chunk of the market) for quite a long time and it hasn't been serving us for almost as long. Our gaming tastes aren't niche but we don't tend to go for the BIG AAA releases and as such GAME hasn't been catering for us.

Here's a summary of our whinging over the years about GAME. Hopefully, with whatever succeeds it we won't have call to type up our frustrations and send them into the ether to be ignored by all.

In June 2009, GAME performed poorly on our store survey when we used to write for that other site occasionally.

In February 2010, we wrote to Konami about how we couldn't find one of their flagship series a month after it had been released.

In October 2010 we couldn't find a copy of Monster Hunter Tri in GAME, six months after it launched. In fact, it appeared it never existed at all in GAME.
In November 2010 we got sick of how the window to buy games on the high street is tiny.

In December 2010 it turns out that even science can't make head nor tail of those 1-10 displays
In April last year we vowed to stop going to GAME. It was pointless and felt like us bending over backwards to buy from them. Which is sort of the wrong way around.

Two months ago, the writing was on the wall (and this blog)

So there we have it, future GAME CEOs you need to sort all of the above out okay?


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