Ghost Trick

We played Ghost Trick on the DS! For so long we've gotten used to the DS being the machine that plays Pokemon we almost completely forgot it plays other excellent games. Remember how we used to be a blog about Resident Evil (hence the name That guy's a maniac)? Last week we looked at a game with zombies in it. Today we're looking at a Capcom game so that pretty much means we're back on track as per our strategic vision. It totally counts. 

So what about this game then? Well it is over a year old so we're probably the last people on Earth to play it. Others reviewed it and better than we will. Read those reviews. We enjoyed it. It was fun and aaargh. We can't write this long without a numbered list. Here's a numbered list of things we liked about Ghost Trick:

  1. Unusually, for Capcom the save system isn't totally fucked. So far there's no checkpoints just before a long unskippable cutscene or a ridiculously difficult difficulty spike(y). 
  2. Because of the above it isn't a proper Capcom game. Capcom have lost their form and so on and so on.
  3. When playing the game it feels like little people are inside the DS. The characters, the way they move and the little environments all work together to make it feel like there's a little stage and a play being put on for your benefit. It is charming. We smiled through most of our playthrough (just to be clear the only times we didn't smile was when we sneezed and when we had to find the DS charger as the battery light was red).
  4. Old school puzzles that aren't so easy, playing through becomes laborious and aren't so hard you give up and never return to the game ever again.
It is out for DSs and non gaming platform tablet things. So if you like ghosts, touching screens, little people and puzzles go and play it now. There's a dog too so if you like dogs and SPOILERSSPOILERS ghost dogs then give it a burn. If you like the film Ghost Dog then I'm at a loss as to whether to recommend it or not because we've never seen that film. The cover of the DVD makes it look boring. Forest Whitakar stands on a roof and looks at birds? Is he the ghost of a dog that used to chase birds and who now looks at birds with vague past life memories of chasing them? I don't see where that film can go really. Maybe at the end he learns that birds are ghost too so he shouldn't have chased them before. 


  1. This is why I subscribe to your blog: the quality of the writing.

    I don't own a DS or a Wii. I'm not a huge fan of the Resident Evil series. Never played a Pokemon game. Never asked a JRPG angel-looking thing for the latest word from the Ministry of Records (which I would imagine looks like the interior of John Cusack's house in 'High Fidelity'). And yet, I read every post.

    This, in particular, is pure gold:

    Because of the above it isn't a proper Capcom game. Capcom have lost their form and so on and so on.

    Perhaps the best skewering of fanboyism I've ever read, and certainly the most concise. It works on so many levels. (At least two that I can think of right off hand.)

    Maybe your post will help Capcom find its way back to Foktsavpuntt after its brief dalliance with "gamer-friendly" design.


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