GAME: Still dillusional

Previous whinging here. Today's developments are that GAME CEO sees their continued slide into financial troubles caused by the groups overeliance on hardware and hardware bundle sales to mean consumers want more hardware. Via MCV:
"The hardware market was much more negative than the software market. That tells you the industry and the consumer is ready for more innovation there"
Here we were staring at our Wii*, 3DS** and Xbox 360*** thinking we were waiting for new decent games to come out. Apparently, what we were secretly thinking was "Gosh! I would love to splash out a couple of hundred quid on a new console that provides marginally better graphics in these times of economic shitness". And I'm sure that the millions of people with consoles sitting under their televisions are thinking the same thing. You called it CEO Ian Shepherd, King of poor retail management and myopic business sense. 

* Oh sorry I forgot, Last Story is due out this year and Pandora's Tower. Those mass market titles are bound to fly off the shelves and tide those billion Wii owners over until Wii-U comes out.

** We don't have a 3DS. Precisely because there are no new games for it worth playing.

*** Is there even anything to look forward to on the Sexbox this year? Computer says no.


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