Final Fantasy VII: Revisited

As I mentioned earlier, I played through FF7 with some nice mods, to increase the quality of the graphics and such. There were some other mods to break the 9999 limit on everything, allowing you to deal over 9999 damage, and your HP could be over 9999 too. however enemies could also hit you for over 9999. and the most fun one was "Aeris Resurrection" the guys over at created a little patch to keep her in your group and to allow you to keep using her and the time you invested in her, they even added dialogue for her during the rest of the game and a hand new upgrade to her "ultimate weapon" replacing the Aeris ghost scene when revisiting the church later in the game. Done really well!

I thoroughly enjoyed replaying it, remembering 99% of the secrets and locations. I even bested Emerald and Ruby Weapon, though cheaty... I used Aeris level 4 limit break which renders you invincible for the duration of a battle, but still, I wasnt really in that game for the long haul being that I had done it before.Speaking of "the long haul" one thing i remembered being soul crushingly horrible, was chocobo breeding. But no longer! It took me no more than an afternoon of racing and breeding to get the gold chocobo... admittedly i also had the TV running to keep me going but i swear doing that last time seemed to take a lifetime.

Game is done now... whupped it's ass. What next? I'm thinking of doing FFIX, one which i missed out on or maybe X its been a ling time...

Love and W-Summon Knight's of Round, Mime, Mime,

Richie X


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