That Resident Evil 6 trailer

Oh my god you guys, watch this:
 THIS IS DISGUSTING. Capcom should be ashamed of themselves. Did they not learn from Resident Evil 5? This trailer is so racist. 

 1) First of all this game is telling four year olds (everyone knows that four year olds play these games) that it is okay to shoot white men who are world leaders. Could've made the president black or a woman or a black woman. But no. A white guy. Disgusting. Don't they know that this kind of imagery (people shooting white presidents) is charged with history? 

 2) It is racist against white presidents who wear glasses. Ut oh, I'd watch out if I were you Giorgio Napolitano cos come 2012 there's gonna be a whole bunch of racist four year olds trying to shoot you up in the face/eyes. 

 3)All the zombies are white ironically, including a jumping zombie. Don't they know that this kind of imagery (white people shooting jumping white people) is charged with history? Capcom just assumes all gamers are asshats who sit F5ing Kotaku. We've read the history book and the American Civil War, London Riots and the Syberian-Croatian war when white people had a fight in a genocide is still fresh in our mind. Here's an image from Wikipedia showing how horrific it was:
Yeah, now you see how sick and charged with history the imagery in that trailer is. 


 5) All the main characters are white guy douche bags with douche bag jackets (except Chris and Ashley). Is that the message we want to send out to four year olds? Don't they know that this kind of imagery (douche bag clothing) is charged with history? Not to mention that this is also racist. Don't the black guys get to wear douche-wear? 

 6) SPOILERS okay we all know that Sheva (that nude cheat again is here) dies at the end of Resident Evil 5 but why isn't she in this one. Aside from the colour of her skin she is basically a white woman so that's extra racist points for Capcom. Don't they know that this kind of imagery (non-returning confusingly accented female characters) is charged with history? 

 7) It should be RESIDENT EVIL 7 ALREADY. Jeez. 

 I don't know about you but I am pirating this game right now. After I pirate it, I'm going to print it out and then burn it in racist disgust. Word on the forums is that N'Gai Kroal is coming out of retirement specifically to get outraged at the historically charged content in this last trailer.


  1. This trailer proves beyond all doubt Mitt Romney the Wonder Mormon will win the election. Obama might as well give up now. After all, videogames are always realistic portrayals of reality. Especially Hitman and Dead or Alive. And Final Fantasy.

    Man, I want this game so bad it hurts.


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