That's How You Do A Black Out

No new posts for nine days. None of this half arsed one day business. Take that SOAP. 

In other news: ALL GAMES ARE THE SAME. Totally homogenised. There's nothing to even be excited about anymore just mindlessly going through the motions of playing new game X which is exactly like all the games you already played last year. Not even a 'trailer' for Resident Evil 6 can get us excited considering that only 1/3 of us played RE5 and none of us have a 3D(NO GAMES)S to play the other two Resident Evil games. Fortunately there is star shuttle to tide us over.  

Tsssssssssshhhhhh (bottom thruster) 
Tsssshhhhhhh (right thruster) 
Tshhh tshhh tshhh (Left, top then right thruster) 
Tsshhhhhhh (top and front thruster) 
TSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHH (All thrusters in thrustration) 
Tsh (Top and back thrusters)


  1. For scholars wishing to reference the poem, the title is "HERE'S A POEM ABOUT STAR SHUTTLE"


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