Nintendo Channel: Now Showing

Nintendo Channel: Poor Showing would be more apt. We log into the Wii's Nintendo channel every week and see what is on offer so you don't have to! This week's poor showing is:

  • Something about Resident Evil Revelations. I'm sure it is great (well reviews don't say it is that great) but I'm a little bit underwhelmed by Capcom's marketing output. Ooooooh it has a chaptered structure. Great it has a cast that is beginning to rival Sonic in terms of blandness and breadth! If I wasn't a Resident Evil fan those two points aren't exactly selling the series to me yet this is the second or third Nintendo channel clip of Capcom staff talking about those two very very dull things.
  • Another pointless Player Challenge video for Mario Kart 7. We whinged about them before
  • There's a new weekly downloads trailer. I don't know about you but Balloon Kid, Double Bloob, Successfully Learning Mathematics Year 3 and The Very Hungry Caterpillar's ABCs are really setting my world on fire. 
So, a very poor show indeed. Am I the only one watching this channel? We've said many times in the past how the Nintendo Channel is a completely wasted opportunity. It is a direct tube from the company to the consumer and what does it say when the best they can offer is the above selection of videos?


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