That Nintnendo E3 Expo's a Maniac... 2010

Some quick thoughts. Some of us aren't huge E3 fans here. But here is our unbiased thoughts about how Ninty's show went following the Microdisaster.

First off, I'm not a LoZ fan at all so there was little in the first 20 minutes for me. Do the controls really need explaining anyway because they've BEEN THE SAME SINCE FOREVER. Also, BINGO Cringey Playthrough.

The 'Universal Appeal' bit. What is Madden? What is NSomethingsomething2K? NBA? Although, we're happy that if we do buy Mario Sports Mix, we're confident we'll never need to buy another sports game again. Which is very clever and a bit dirty. But the HD fanboys will be too busy lamenting the casual-ty of it all to notice. Plus, there's some much needed couch multiplayer party games from the looks of things. You know games you can play without standing up KinLOLLOLLLOLect.

STATISTICS. LIES. Well okay then, IN YOUR FACE HD CONSOLES. Move it along Reggie.

Wii Party. Secretely excited about this idea. But then we're old school Mario Party fans here. Yeah that's right. Hardcore old school Mario Party fans.

Just Dance 2 is the epitomy of sellout, casual FUN. Say what you will, but did you ever see a houseparty where everyone in the room was playing Fallout"? Really? Cool.

Golden Sun DS: Golden so totally bothered more like. Looks like every Squeenix DS title. Next.

Goldeneye. Goldeneye? Activision? This holiday? When is this holiday? Start complaining that they 'ruined it' now. It does look mighty good though. Watch this space. We're quietly excited.

Disney Epic Mickey. Wii owners really are getting spoiled with platformers. There's been a lot of hype to cut through but we'll be keeping an eye on this one and the bold claims Warren Spector is making. Because if we are honest, right now, it looks pretty average.

Kirby's Epic Yarn! We've been Kirby fans since Dreamland on the Gameboy. Looking good with the Comfort ad. aesthetic. Some really nice simple but effective level changing touches. Brilliant.

Dragon Quest IX DS. Looks like an umm Dragon Quest DS game.

Metroid Other M is shaping up nicely. A new trailer showing off a biodome location.

Donkey Kong Country Returns! Now you are really spoiling us. It looks like Nintendo are literally bringing back the golden age of gaming. And making it look good.

3DS. 3D photographs/images! Backwards compatability? 3D Movies? Project Sora! Well aside from a long presentation, enough said.

Sony have to pull something special out of the bag to beat Nintendo this year.


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