Why we love Capcom #24

Tits? Check.
Big gun? Check.
Progress is so over rated.
Tits and gunThis is a screensht from Koei's Samurai Warriors 3. Not Samurai Warriors 3 but the Capcom one that looks just like it. In other news.
This is an image of the new pokemon called Scrapebotto. Scrapebotto is a scraping the bottom of the barrel type Pokemon. Other new Pokemon announced are household appliances(did that), letters of the alphabet (also done before) and a new Pokemon which takes the shape of other Pokemon. All the ideas have been used. All of them. Just go for a squirrel thing, a walking ball thing and a Dr Robotnik Pokemon. Oh FFS.


  1. Dr Wo20:08

    From my sources at PokeUberCreationistology Centre, she says now they are employing monkeys to splonge paint onto a canvass, see what patterns form, outline these in a sharpie then record the mating call of the Lebanese Orangutan, reverse this and put it into a Scouse accent to form the name, thats desperation.


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