Dead Rising 2: Rigor Mortis in my pants

So yeah Dead Rising 2 (due out around Autumn) is gonna have playboy advertisements in it:

Now as far as in game advertising goes, I'm not overly offended... But of course certain members of the games community are taking offence at this...  There was one guy - I shit you not - complaining, "great another game I cant play in front of my kids"... like really... REALLY!?! The game where you pick up a Stick and a Chainsaw, secure them together, to create some deadly hideous object, (Which I like to call a "Chick" or a "Stainsaw") and then swing it around dismembering the living dead, along with some rather nuts non-dead people... That game? BUT Now that it might have tits in it, your kids definitely can't look at it, what ass-backwards logic... Tool.

Oh yeah, and it's not offensive to women or gays either, because neither women nor homoseckshuals will play/understand Dead Rising 2.

So yeah, playboy meets the living dead. Let the Necrophilia jokes commence...

Chicks and Stainsaws,

Richie X


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